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Wood Fence

Installing Beautiful Wooden Fences in Mobile

Whether you are considering fencing materials for your home or office, wood may be one of the options in the running. You might appreciate the attractiveness of a wood fence or the privacy it offers. Perhaps you envision the storied white picket fence surrounding your home. Mobile Fence offers a range of wood fencing options as well as professional installation services from a qualified contractor. We sell, install and maintain fences for clients throughout the Mobile area, and we can help you, too.

Privacy Fencing
There are many reasons you might be interested in a privacy fence. Perhaps you want to create a secluded area in your backyard, or maybe you want to mark your property line. Wood is a fantastic option for either of these purposes because it is opaque, solid and sturdy. As there are many options for wood fencing, you can create privacy however you best see fit.

Picket and Split Rail Options
The image of awhite picket fence endures because of the undeniable appeal picket fences offer. Split rail styles similarly provide an aesthetically attractive look that suits a variety of purposes well. These fences work well to protect your property and provide decorative detail at the same time.

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Wood is one of the most popular choices for fencing, and if you are considering it, there are many qualities you likely admire. A wood fence is aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, it is durable and offers great privacy. Mobile Fence offers this and many other options, such as aluminum fencing, to clients throughout the greater Mobile area. If you are looking for quality fencing and fantastic service, you can get both by calling us at 251-661-4386 and making an appointment.