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What You Need To Know About Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Fences

White PVC Fence
Whether you need to contain you family members (two- and four-legged), define the borders of your property, or deter intruders from accessing your yard, adding a fence is an excellent way to accomplish all these goals and more. There's an assortment of fencing options to choose from, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages. One material that you should consider is polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
PVC fences are comprised of plastic. They're popular for several reasons, including their longevity and minimal maintenance needs. They come in an assortment of hues and with many style options, ensuring you can find a design that suits your preferred look. Keep reading for important information you can use when selecting your new fence. 
1. You Should Invest in a Pressure Washer When Opting for PVC
Though PVC fences require minimal upkeep, they do accumulate dirt, mud, smashed insects, and mildew over time. It's possible to remove this grime using a scrub brush, water, and soap. However, most homeowners find that pressure washing their PVC fences is the easiest way to keep them looking like new.
You should plan on pressure washing your fence at least once a year. Or, you may opt to pressure wash grime and mud as it becomes noticeable. 
2. PVC Fences Are Great for Families With Children and Pets
If you have kids or furry family members, PVC fences are a great alternative. PVC fences are readily available in heights as high as six feet, and it's possible to order fencing with a higher height. This makes it unlikely that children will try to scale the fence or that your dog will try to jump the fence. Such a large height is also a good deterrent for intruders who may be tempted to climb over your fence. 
PVC fences also give you the option to maximize your privacy. You might want to conceal your family's activities from your neighbors, or you might have concerns that an open-style fence will cause your dog to become frustrated and bark at passing people or animals that they can see, but not access.
A solid PVC fence is a terrific choice to address these concerns. It keeps neighbors and passersby from viewing your family, and it cuts down on the number of external stimuli that can aggravate your dog. 
3. It's Tricky to Change the Color of Your PVC Fence
Though PVC fences are available in multiple hues and do not require painting, you may tire of having the same color. Though it is possible to paint your PVC fence, it's not a simple process. Before you paint your PVC fence, make sure that painting it will not affect the warranty. Some manufacturers do not honor their vinyl fences' warranties if you paint them.
Should you decide to pursue your painting project, you'll have to use epoxy-based paint that will adhere properly to the PVC material. Prior to painting, you'll need to thoroughly clean the fence. Then, you must prime it, paint it, and seal it.
Some individuals find that lightly sanding the fence helps the paint adhere better. Since the process of painting your PVC fence is labor intensive and time consuming, you may prefer to outsource the task to a contractor with experience painting vinyl fences. 
4. The Thickness of the Fence Matters
When picking the materials for your PVC fence, make sure that you pay attention to the thickness of the panels. All other characteristics being equal, a thicker PVC fence will be more durable than a style with thinner materials.
This means that your fence is more likely to survive unscathed when high winds or severe weather hit your area. Should a branch fall on your fence, a thicker fence is more likely to withstand the impact without incurring damage.
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