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The Pros and Cons of Having a Fence

Wood Fence
There are many reasons to consider installing a fence. You may have children or pets that you’d like to let play outside without worrying about them getting into mischief or you might just want extra privacy. While there are many benefits to adding an enclosure to your property, before you decide you’ll want to weigh your options carefully.

Depending on the style, a fence can be an expensive investment. The cost varies based on the type of fence, the size of your property and the design features. You’ll want to carefully consider your budget when deciding what type of fence is right for you. In addition, you’ll need to check homeowner’s association rules, if applicable, and make sure you discuss the development with your neighbors. While it is an update to your property, because fences often fall on or close to the dividing line and can drastically change the appearance of a neighborhood, your neighbor may dispute the fence.

While the expense and collaboration with neighbors and associations can be a deterrent for some, there are many reasons to consider adding a fence. Regardless of the type of enclosure you select, fences provide added security to your property, keeping out trespassers. In addition, they can provide a secure space for children or pets to play. Finally, if you choose a privacy fence it can keep prying eyes out of your business.
Despite the potential considerations, there are many benefits to having a fence installed. Contact Mobile Fence for more information about the pros and cons of having a fence.