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Steps for Planning a Gorgeous Garden Fence

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Fences don't just make good neighbors. An attractive fence should complement your overall yard. In fact, a garden fence should add curb appeal and value to your house. If you have beautiful landscaping or a special garden, consider enclosing it with a garden fence.

Plan the Layout

A garden fence isn't necessarily the same as a perimeter fence. While you could utilize it that way, your garden fence is more about delineating an area within your whole yard. So if you have a large yard, you could use a decorative fence to create a space for lounging, to showcase a growing garden, or simply to add beauty to your landscaping.

The first step of planning the layout is deciding what type of space you're delineating. From there, decide the purpose of the fence. You may be just showcasing your garden, or you may want to keep dogs and kids out. You may even want some privacy from nosy neighbors. Finally, plan a fence route that makes sense for your yard and how you use it.

Pick the Fencing Material and Style

The material for your fencing will have a big impact on how it looks and functions. Indeed, if function is more important, you may look into privacy or chain-link fencing, depending on what you need.

However, if beauty is your primary reason for erecting a garden fence, look into the material and style that best complements your garden. For example, many homeowners like the look of classic picket fencing. You could choose standard wood, or you could opt for vinyl fencing that resembles the picket style.

Another popular option for garden fencing is aluminum. You have many styles to choose from, ranging from straight pickets to elaborate panels. In fact, if your fence is strictly for looks, you might consider low, decorative panels that simply highlight the beauty of your garden.

If you want a rustic look to your landscaping, you might opt for split-rail fencing. This style consists of posts with horizontal rails in between. Typically made of wood, you can even choose reclaimed or distressed boards for a truly rustic appeal.

Choose the Garden Gate

Even if your garden fence is just for looks, you'll want to include a garden gate. An attractive garden gate can serve as the threshold between the rest of your yard and the garden.

Many homeowners choose to match the gate to the rest of the fencing. So you could install a metal gate for a metal fence or wood for a picket fence. However, you can also add to the gateway for further appeal. For example, a popular addition for a garden gate is an arbor, which enhances the decorative appeal of a garden fence.

Plant a Foundation Garden

If you want to further emphasize the beauty of the garden fence in your yard, consider planting a foundation garden at the base. A pretty foundation garden blurs the transition area and helps the fence feel like a cohesive part of your yard.

For your foundation garden, you may choose plants that are also inside the fence perimeter. Conversely, you may choose plants that complement the fence itself. For instance, colorful plants really pop with a background of white picket fencing.

If you're considering training the plants up the fence itself, talk to your fencing experts first. You'll want to protect the integrity of the fence. They may suggest a trellis panel installed specifically for that purpose.

Design a Pathway

Part of the charm of an enclosed garden is the journey to and through it. For a decorative garden, consider a curved pathway. The curves give the impression of a found garden, especially if parts of the fence are obscured by trees or bushes. A curving path through the garden encourages guests to meander along and enjoy your landscaping.  

Add beauty and utility to your yard with an attractive garden fence. Consult with the experts at Mobile Fence to make your ideas a reality.