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Finish Options for Your Wooden Privacy Fence

A wooden privacy fence has many benefits, including security and, of course, privacy. A wooden fence should also complement your home to add value. A weathered-looking fence, no matter how well-constructed, doesn't achieve that aim. Finish your wooden privacy fence with a stain or paint that both protects and beautifies it. Here are some finishing options to consider.
Penetrating Oil Finish
Different species of wood feature their own grain and knot patterns. Indeed, the cut of the wood also highlights this patterning in different manners. You may spend some time choosing wooden planks that feature an attractive patterning. So the last thing you want to do is cover up the wood's natural beauty.
To that end, you'll probably want to choose a penetrating oil finish. The goal of such a stain is to penetrate deeply into the wood, which stabilizes the cell walls and overall surface of the boards. As such, the wood preserves its natural beauty for longer. Such finishes should also block UV rays, repel water, and provide for protection against mildew.
If you've chosen your wood planks for their beautiful patterning, select a semi-transparent stain. You do need some coloration for UV protection, but the transparency allows the natural beauty of the wood to show through. When evaluating the colors, choose one that most closely matches the wood.
Semi-transparent Gray Staining
Many homeowners choose a warm stain for their wooden fence, but shades of gold and red are not the only options. You could choose semi-transparent gray, which is a chic staining option that conveys its own benefits. One of those benefits is providing a truly neutral fencing presentation that allows your house to take center stage.
Another benefit is the interplay of the wood's natural color with the staining. As noted above, stains enhance rather than cover the natural color of the wood. Wood is usually some shade of yellow or gold, so the gray staining provides a cool counterpart to the warm color.
You have different stain options, but it's probably best to look for stains that are classic rather than weathered. After all, the goal is to avoid the weather-worn look of old fence staining.
Weatherproof Paint
Homeowners have many reasons for choosing paint instead of a stain. A weatherproof paint provides an additional barrier between the wood and the elements. While a painted fence may need more regular maintenance, the color choices do afford you more options for coordinating with your house. You can also cover up any graining that's not particularly flattering.
When contractors paint a fence, they typically start with an oil-based primer. Such a primer conveys similar benefits to the oil stain in that it strengthens the wood from within. They then use a durable exterior latex paint.
Concerning the color of your paint, the fence's environs should help drive your choice. For instance, if the fence touches the house, you should consider matching the trim in the façade. Conversely, consider the siding color - you could match or complement that color with your fence.
Opaque Staining
A happy medium between semi-transparent staining and weatherproof paint is opaque staining. With this option, the concentration of pigments is greater than with semi-transparent stains. Indeed, you have a spectrum of opacity options. The most opaque stains provide a finish that's similar to paint.
The benefits of choosing an opaque stain over paint is that you have less maintenance. Like its semitransparent cousin, an opaque stain penetrates the wood. Therefore, it doesn't have a chance to peel or crack, meaning you won't have to paint again in a couple years. Likewise, with that penetration comes the same strengthening from within.
One creative option for opaque staining and your fence is to choose different colors. Sometimes, homeowners have the boards painted in a spectrum, say with a set of analogous colors. Conversely, you could have the panels stained different colors for a bright and cheery fenceline.
Choose the wood finish option that best fits your home and your vision. The experts at Mobile Fence can provide both the advice and the service.