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Beyond Basic Wood: Why Consider a Shadowbox Fence?

Shadowbox Fence
You desire a fence that is both private and decorative in design. A shadowbox fence combines the security and natural beauty of a classic wooden fence with a unique application to create charm and curb appeal for your property.
Discover why a shadowbox fence is worth discussing with your fencing contractor. A shadowbox fence design can be used for both your front and back yard.
Beauty on Both Sides
Shadowbox fencing is designed to be attractive on both sides. This means you and your neighbors get to enjoy the lines of your fence rather than have the unfavorable side face your side of the property. This fencing design is simplistic, placing boards over boards vertically on horizontal posts, alternating sides of the fence for a solid and beautiful fencing finish.
Non-Offensive Privacy
There's a reason why the shadowbox fence is also referred to as the friendship or good neighbor fence: the fencing style offers privacy you can enjoy without blocking the world out entirely. A shadowbox fence appears to be solidly private when observing the structure directly. However, the fence offers some visibility when viewed from a side angle since you can look in the spaces offered between the pickets.
Versatility in Design
Shadowbox fences can be customized to meet your style preferences. Like other decorative fencing options, you can choose to top your fence with a border that adds greater protection, height, and beauty.
A latticework topper is crisscross wood additions that make your shadowbox fence taller and more secure. You can also have your fence pickets rounded off to create a soft appeal, or pointed on the ends for a classic approach to a picket-style fence with a privacy twist. Your fencing contractor can even help you design a custom fencing border that best matches your home's exterior design.
Cost-Effective Installation
As far as decorative fencing goes, a shadowbox design is one of your cheaper options. A shadowbox fence costs less than $15 per square foot to install, on average. Other decorative fencing styles, such as aluminum, cost much more. Aluminum fencing alone averages nearly $25 per square foot to install.
Compared to a traditional wood fence, a shadowbox design isn't much more expensive. If you're torn between a total privacy fence and a decorative fence design, then a shadowbox fence is an attractive compromise.
If decorative purposes are your main objective in building a fence but you have a budget to stick to, then a shadowbox style may be your best option. Your fencing contractor will show you various fencing materials and their contrasting costs to help you decide ultimately what fencing style is best for your needs.
Durability and Security
One feature that makes a shadowbox fence stand out is how durable the structure is once professionally installed. Since fence pickets are applied on both sides of the fence, even weight distribution helps the structure stay upright. Installing the fence a few inches off the ground will preserve the fence longer by keeping moisture at bay.
Common wooden fence materials used in shadowbox fences are redwood and cedar species. These species of wood are naturally water repellent and are less prone to warping and rot than classic pine or other wood species.
Shadowbox fences are also hard to climb since they have alternating pickets for grip. If using your fence for security is your primary concern, compare shadowbox fencing with classic wood, chain link, and wrought iron fencing to see the benefits shadowbox fencing offers.
The right fencing will make your home's curb appeal greater and offer your yard a secure barrier. A shadowbox fence provides many outdoor benefits. Call us at Mobile Fence to discuss your fencing options today. We'll help you select the right fencing material and style for your home and budget.