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5 Signs You Need to Fence in Your Front Yard

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Placing a fence around your property is an ideal way to add curb appeal to your home while increasing protection of your landscape. You've already got your backyard fenced in, but you wonder if you should place a fence around the front of your property as well.

Here are five signs you need to fence your front yard. Remember that passersby easily see your front yard, so choose a fencing material that is attractive yet durable for your yard, like picket wood, vinyl, or galvanized chain link.

1. You Live on a Busy Road

If you live off a busy road and have children or pets, fencing in your front yard is a must. Placing a barrier around the front of your property keeps pets and children inside your yard and away from busy streets. A chain link fence is affordable and ideal for keeping children and pets in your yard.

Note: never leave small children unattended in a yard, even if fully fenced. Place locks on all gates that exit out onto the street so curious children cannot accidentally escape.

2. Your Neighbors Have Fences 

Being the odd house out without front yard fencing can take away from your home's curb appeal (and the neighborhood appeal as a whole). Survey your neighborhood, examine the fencing materials most commonly used in your area, and design a similar fence for your home's front yard so you blend in with neighboring homes. 

3. Your Yard Is Small

Fencing in a smaller front yard can actually give the space more dimension and give the illusion of having a larger landscape. Fencing your yard also centers your landscape so your yard appears more charming and less cluttered. Aligning your yard's gate with your home's front door adds to the illusion of depth.

Choose vertical fencing slats designed close together to draw the eye to your landscape. Horizontal fencing doesn't have the same effect for creating the illusion of space. Consider chain link fencing with vinyl slats to make your front yard look bigger, or opt for bamboo or picket-style fencing for allure and curb appeal.

4. Your Yard Has Uninvited Guests 

Is the neighbor's dog always in your yard? Do neighborhood children use your front yard as part of their playground? If you are tired of having people and animals in your yard and don't want to create a neighborhood dispute, stake your home's boundaries by installing a fence around your entire front yard to keep intruders out.

To avoid neighbor conflicts when installing your fence, get official property lines from your city hall office. Many cities have ordinances for front yard fencing heights (most fences have to be four feet or shorter) so abide by this law as well.

Make the attractive part of the fence (if installing a wooden or picket-style fence) face outward toward neighboring homes and the street, and avoid painting your fence a hue that may distract from overall neighborhood appeal (stick to neutral or common fencing colors, such as red, brown, white, or just a natural stain).

5. Your Home Is For Sale 

Putting your home on the market? Increase its curb appeal and overall value by adding a fence. Since a front yard fence is considered a novelty perk by home buyers, your home may sell more quickly with this small investment. Choose a decorative fence for home selling purposes.

Your fencing contractor will help you select the best fencing materials for your budget and yard size. Call us at Mobile Fence to schedule an appointment. We can help you design a custom or standard fence for your home, so please schedule with us today.