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4 Advantages of Wood Fences on Small Lots

Wooden Fence
Living in a neighborhood with lots that are located close to each other has both advantages and disadvantages. While the close community is great for socializing and visiting neighbors, you might also feel like your property is being invaded sometimes.
When it comes to adding privacy and separation to your yard, a wooden fence is a great option. A wooden fence can provide you with many benefits that will increase the privacy of your home. Whether you it up in the front yard or backyard, the installation of a wooden fence can add a number of advantages.

1. Privacy From Close Neighbors

You might live on a lot with your neighbors extremely close by. While close neighbors can be a great way to socialize and hang out, you may also value your privacy in your own yard. One of the main benefits of a wooden fence is its opaque design. With pickets placed side-by-side, no one can see through the fence, and the height of a fence will prevent people from peering over.
The thickness of the wood also helps block out noise pollution from neighbors. Nearby music, noise from neighborhood children, and general everyday noises like cars or lawn mowers can all be minimized with the installation of a wooden fence. The minimal noise can make a huge difference in the comfort of your home's yard.

2. Child Safety and Protection

Kids love playing outside, but parents often feel the need to monitor their children to make sure they remain safe and protected. Even with all of the modern technology available, one of the easiest ways to protect a child is with a secure wooden fence.
Wooden fences are strong, tough to scale, and they block out any visuals of your child in a yard. While they do not replace the need for a watchful eye, a contained area for your children can ensure their safety and private playtime.
Within the fenced-in area, you also have the ability to place playground equipment and other recreational items your child can play on. With the fence installed, you do not have to worry about a passerby talking to your children or anyone observing their various actions.

3. Weather Protection and Blocking Debris

Taking care of a yard requires a lot of hard work all throughout the year. And the installation of a wooden fence can block the invasion of weather elements and debris on your private property. Sectioning off a private area with a wooden fence can ensure that the hard work isn't impeded on or interrupted in any way.
After you have raked and removed all of the leaves on your property, you may feel frustrated if a neighbor's leaves blow over onto your lawn. A large wooden fence can act as a natural barrier for the leaves and other debris and prevent them from getting onto your property.
Wrappers, cups, and other debris can also make a mess on your property if others are littering. A wooden fence can keep your property clean and safe from these messes.

4. Hosting Outdoor Gatherings

Outdoor gatherings are an ideal way to cook on the grill and enjoy the nice weather, but you can keep these gatherings at the size and amount of people you want with the installation of a wooden fence. Just because you are hosting an event outdoors doesn't mean that the whole neighborhood is invited.
Neighbors do not need to peer in on your festivities and the use of a fence allows you to keep your parties private without being forced indoors.
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